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  • Was established in 1963 in Mornico Al Serino (Bergamo), Italy


  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Environmental protection:


  • Company extensively focuses on materials used in manufacture process, raw materials reduction, rationalization of resources, reuse and / or waste products recycling and atmosphere emissions control.


  • Certificates:








  • Pedrali collaborates with famous Italian designers: Claudio Dondoli и Marco Pocci, Balutto Associati, Cristian Gori, Enrico Franzolini and many others.Experimenting with manufacturing technologies, use of a variety of materials and woods, collaboration with numerous designers allowed the company to receive important awards such as «Compasso D’Oro Adi” (“The Golden Compass”) for "Frida" chair.


  • Awards:












  • Main categories of the manufactured furniture:

      - foodcourt furniture

      - waiting area furniture and leisure furniture

      - airport furniture


  • Collection is a result of a rigorous, thorough search, aimed at the creation of industrial design products, original functional plastic, metallic, wooden form and soft furniture.


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