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  • Was established in 1954г. in Treviso, Italy



  • Warranty: 5 years



  • Environmental protection:








  • Certificates:








  • Frezza has obtained the International quality certificate for its achievements in manufacture of the high-grade furnitureFrezza collaborates with the foremost creative designers from Italy and other countries. Of these there are such big names as Claudio Bellini, Roberto Danesi, John Bennet,Umberto Riva, Karim Rashid and many more.


  • Main categories of the manufactured furniture:

      - desks

      - executive furniture

      - cabinets

      - reception desks


  • Today Frezza is one of the leading companies in the field of office furniture.Thorough checks are made for all of Frezza furniture during the process of manufacturing. It complies with up-to-date standards. Company cares about customers health by developing the models that provide a comfortable working environment for a long term period.





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